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Enforced Feminization


sissy maid bound and displayed before group of dominant women

"Forced feminization" perhaps gets used far too often, as well as incorrectly. I am guilty of this. It is only recently when creating the tribute for Mrs. Silk is her site, "House of Enforced Feminisation" that "Enforced" jumped out at me.

"Forced" in general means "obtained forcefully, not naturally." "Enforced" means "To compel observance of or obedience to." The difference, while nuanced, does matter. Forced seems overkill because someone like myself gets excited by being dressed and would even seek a woman who likewise enjoys feminization.

This is where control, my greatest turn-on, takes over. The act of being dress and transformed is at one level, then being controlled in that manner over time is an additional layer. It's best explained with a simple example. Being dressed in a maid's uniform and heels is level one, having the dress and heels locked on is that next level. The more secure and inescapable, the better.

It is also why this page's image is so moving. The man has been feminized and made a maid. They have also been restrained and put on display. They cannot run and hide. They cannot strip off the clothes. They are at the beck and call, the whim of their Mistress. Surrounding them is a group of ladies enjoying teasing and disciplining the maid.

So in my perfect world, at least for the baseline, when I state I want a relationship with enforced feminization, it would look a little like this :

Here again, the control and dominance are heightened. Because of my desire to maintain a degree of my masculine/alpha state, a feminized state elicits degrees of potential embarrassment. Comply, or you will remain dressed longer. Comply, or you will be sent out to do a task dressed like this. This nature amplifies the power exchange.

There is a punishment aspect as well. Beyond the establishment of power to feminize me, the reinforcement aspects play a role in solidifying the roles that she is in charge, that transgressions are met with consequences and that reinforcement is an active role of enforcement. This can be in the common form of physical punishments like spankings or canings to more passive means such as periods of bondage and restriction. The latter is so often more a reward than a punishment. In my travels, it seems that those who desire to experienced enforced feminization also have an affinity to tight, restrictive bondage. It is again a layering aspect of power. There is the desire to experience what is to be in a potentially embarrassing state and then to have that amplified by being made helpless in such a state.

This page's image highlights all of that. He is feminized and dressed as her maid. He is then restrained in a manner where she is helpless to do anything and is in fact on display and exposed. She not only is in a state of punishing him, whether for a transgression or merely to reinforce that she can, and it is by her will, but she has also brought in her friends to reinforce and amplify this to higher degrees.

For many, including myself, this aspect can be scary, and perhaps even too much. Especially at the core, when one is maintaining a masculine image as well to the external world, to have others brought in and witness risks more societal consequences that extend beyond the intimate circle of a couple.


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes