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Images I Like - Enslaved Sissies and Maids


Cover art to Enslaved Sissis and Maids magazine showing feminized male in lingerie and bondage


Then at one point, I discovered some of the Centurian Magazines that in some ways were exciting, other ways frightening. They had two flavors - "Forced Womanhood" and "Enslaved Sissies and Maids". Both had a general theme of men being feminized, but the later seemed more of in general closer to what excited me. Though there was also a prevalent "be careful what you ask for. Here is one of the stories carried in the second issue.


Boyfriend who loves being tied up and forced todress as a woman to get more than her wish


Illustration of feminized sissy maid in uniform and shackles


Dear jeri,
I can't begin to tell you how shocked and dumfounded I was when after far too many drinks my boyfriend and I decided to swap sexual fantasies . His fantasy was to be tied up and forced to wear women's clothes.

You can't imagine how disgusted I was. After that revelation there was no way I could ever think of him as a real man again. initially, of course, I decided to dump him, but then I had another idea I thought was much better. And perfectly suited him.

So, much to his surprise, I agreed to tie him up and force him to wear women's clothes. You can't imagine how disgusted I was when I did and his dick got stiff as a board.

"Well, obviously you liked that," I said, "how about if I chain you up and dress you in a maid's outfit?"

"Yes, I think I'd like that," he said sheepishly, although I could see he was also excited.

"Alright then, but first I want to measure you so I know everything fits just perfect. Now what about a corset, I understand they can be so restrictive. Want to try one?" I asked, and, of course, he did.

"And how about a higher heel. These are only three inches. Wouldn't you like to try ones a bit higher?" I asked, and naturally this, disgustedly,excited him too.

I had it all planned, and fortunately, I had several catalogs from Centurian to pick out the perfect outfit for him.

I'd picked the longest, stiffest corset in the catalog. And as I began lacing him into it I thought his dick was going to explode. As I yanked on the laces he eventually said, "It's getting awfully tight."

"Just a little more honey, I know you love how it feels," I cooed.

"Please, stop, it's tight," he begged.

"Just another inch. I want my maid to have a figure that I can be proud of."

When I had "her" dressed in a scanty French Maid's uniform, complete with a huge set of tits, I had her sit and hold her feet out for her slightly higher heels.

"These are much too high dear, I just know I'll never be able to walk in them. And they're already hurting my feet," he whined, as I forced his feet into the towering platform pumps.

"I'm sure eventually you'll get used to them. Now let's get you all nice and chained up. We'll start with your feet, put them together," I ordered.

When I'd finished I had "her" ankles manacled, her feet hobbled by the short connecting chain. Her wrists manacled and also attached by a short chain. With another that connected them all together, not allowing her to raise her hands any higher than her waist.

"Just one more item," I said, buckling a collar around her and then attaching a leash. "Well then, we're ready to go," I announced, tugging on her leash.

"Go? I can't go anywhere like this," he cried out.

Of course you can. You really don't have much choice," I said, and, of course, she didn't.

"Please, where are you going?" she begged.

"Why to Natalie, my beautician. I absolutely insist that any maid of mine be as attractive and presentable as she can."

"Maid? I'm not your maid," she cried.

"Oh you will be by the time Natalie's finished transforming you. And just to make sure you understand, I'm sure you've noticed that everything has locks. Well, this is the only key," I said, watching her horrified expression as I flushed it down the toilet.

Jolie, as I'd decided to rename her, sobbed hysterically when she saw her new self. More so when I told her she could wipe the lipstick of her pouty lips, and the eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, and none of it came off. Natalie and I laughed till our sides split.

"Stop admiring yourself now Jolie. You'll have plenty of time for that later. It's already two and still have a whole days worth of chores to so when we get home."

"Haven't you forgotten something?" Natalie asked.

'Oh goodness, lift your skirts up girl. Since you're not a real man anymore I'm sure you don't want anything left to remind you of what you once were. Now let's see your little pussy spurt one last time for Natalie and me."

"One last time?" he asked fearfully.


These days, everything is digitized for the most part, and the issue like the one I referred to can be found here Enslaved Sissies and Maids 2


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